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IM Spadecaller

IM Spadecaller

Clearwater, FL


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Rufous Hummingbird and Pink Hibiscus Flower by Spadecaller


Spades Quail by IM Spadecaller


Allens Hummingbird and Cactus Flowers by Spadecaller


Violet Sabrewing Hummingbird by Spadecaller


Nothing But Bluebirds by IM Spadecaller


Terns In The Surf by Spadecaller


Four Poppy Blossoms by IM Spadecaller


Red Birds of Christmas by IM Spadecaller


Bluebirds in Apple Tree by IM Spadecaller


One White Rose by IM Spadecaller


Spoonbills in the Mist by IM Spadecaller


Golden Birds In Fruit Tree by IM Spadecaller


Bush Elephant Cow and Calf by Spadecaller


White Hummingbird And Pink Guara by Spadecaller


Blue Plumbago by Spadecaller


Sparkling Violetear Hummingbirds and Trumpet Flower by IM Spadecaller


Cockatoos and Wisteria by Spadecaller


Pink Water Lily and Frog by Spadecaller


Waiting for the Sunflower by IM Spadecaller


Eagles at Dawn by IM Spadecaller


Great Blue Heron in the Bulrushes by Spadecaller


Horse by Spadecaller


Spadecaller's Gerbera by IM Spadecaller


Horse On Snowy Summit by Spadecaller


Morning Glories by IM Spadecaller


Ruby-throated Hummingbird and Desert Rose by Spadecaller


White Heron in Bulrushes by IM Spadecaller


Gandhi Walking to the Sea by IM Spadecaller


The Orphaned Child by Spadecaller


Three White Roses in Vase by Spadecaller


Rocktrumpet And Green Anole by Spadecaller


Red Darling Hibiscus by Spadecaller


Spade's Desert Rose by Spadecaller


Ruby-throated Hummingbird and Milkweed Flower by Spadecaller


Longtail Hummingbird and Hibiscus Flower by Spadecaller


Native American Sioux And Bison by IM Spadecaller


Lone Wolf at Sunset Ridge by IM Spadecaller


Cogan's Pond by Spadecaller


Hummingbirds and Thryallis by Spadecaller


Secret Of The Mockingbird by Spadecaller


First Garden by Spadecaller


White Tiger And Plum Tree by IM Spadecaller


Schiller's Phalaenopsis by Spadecaller


Violet sabrewing Hummingbird and Fuchsia by Spadecaller


White-tailed Deer in the Poconos by IM Spadecaller


Three Japanese White-eyes in Dogwood Tree by IM Spadecaller


Wisteria and Carp by IM Spadecaller


Bird in Loquat Tree by IM Spadecaller